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Rules & Conditions

To publish any material on this site, each user must agree to the following:


  1. Individuals must possess the technical capability to produce and maintain their own web pages. The Information and Communications Technology division (ICT), the Help Desk and the Web Communications team do not provide support for creating, loading or maintaining personal web pages.
  2. Use of ANY official Eastern Michigan University logos, seal or identity standards on any personal web pages is expressly prohibited by University publication guidelines. ALL pages on this server are prohibited from using any EMU identifiers. See EMU Web Standards Guide: Using Logos and Wordmarks for details.
  3. Web pages and related content must comply with all laws governing copyrights, intellectual property, libel and privacy. Any violations of these laws and regulations, and the consequences arising from such violations, are entirely the responsibility of the individual who created the web page/site. Additionally, violations of applicable laws and regulations will result in disciplinary action by Eastern Michigan University, including removal of web pages and privileges on EMU servers.
  4. Individual web pages must meet all other conditions of acceptable use for computing facilities included in the EMU Acceptable Use of Information Technology guidelines and must be in compliance with the University Statement on the Appropriate Use of Communications Media.
  5. The prohibition of illegal activities and harassment (see EMU Acceptable Use of Information Technology guidelines) also includes any direct links from individual pages to illegal or harassing material.
  6. Commercial activity of any kind, including advertising or promotion of fee-based services, is strictly prohibited on this server.
  7. Individuals should be aware that pages on this public web server are subject to powerful World Wide Web search engines. Colleagues, prospective employers and the general public can find any page or information on your site without your knowledge, without having provided the Uniform Resource Locator (URL), and without navigating the links you have created.
  8. Web pages that do not comply with these guidelines will result in termination of the account accessing that page, or other disciplinary actions specified in the EMU Acceptable Use of Information Technology guidelines or the University Statement on the Appropriate Use of Communications Media.
  9. There are also disk and file quotas associated with your account, which will restrict the amount of data that you can upload to the webserver. To see what your quota is, and how much of it you are using you can click on the Disk Quota link on the left hand side of the peopleadmin.emich.edu pages after you have activated your account.
  10. Account holders on this system understand and acknowledge that content placed on people.emich.edu is not private. Web servers are, by design, intended to be used to share content with others. As such, files may be viewable by others with FTP/SFTP access on this system or may be discoverable using a web browser, even if not explicitly linked into web pages. Content that is deemed private, confidential or that is otherwise sensitive should not be uploaded to this server.
  11. Account holders on this system understand and acknowlege that their pages will exist only as long as they have access to a University supplied email account.

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