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This site hosts personal web pages for the EMU community. As a student, faculty, or staff member you can have your personal web site hosted on this server.


People.emich.edu will be shut down permanently on September 30, 2021. No new account creations will be permitted on People.emich.edu after July 30, 2021. Those with web pages/files currently hosted on people.emich.edu are advised to transition their content to another service well in advance of the shutdown date.

For more information please click here.


Activating your people.emich.edu account is easy. Once activated, your people.emich account will use the same username and password as your NetID account. Although you should be aware that the username is case sensitive, so please use all lowercase letters.

Your homepage URL is https://people.emich.edu/username

To manage your site, you will need a secure file transfer protocol (SFTP) client. Regular file transfer protocol (FTP) is not supported, and neither is FTP over SSL. Windows users should consider downloading WinSCP. Power users might consider purchasing a commercial SFTP client, such as CuteFTP Pro or SecureFX. Mac users can download cyberduck for free, or purchase either Transmit or Fetch ( EMU License ).

If you are using DUO, please set the software to "Keep Connection Open", or you may need to okay multiple DUO accesses when transfering multiple files.

The Getting Started page has more information about using the secure file transfer protocol (SFTP), creating a simple HTML document, and naming the default page.

Please keep in mind that people.emich.edu pages are not official EMU pages, so they should not contain official seals or logos. Commerce on these pages is prohibited, as is linking to illegal or harassing materials. Please read the full Rules and Conditions governing the use of this server space.

Take note that any framework, or content management system, which requires webserver writable files will not work in these accounts. Mysql access is not offered as a service for these accounts.

Please help us make people.emich.edu better by giving us your feedback.

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